Instant loan without proof of income

Opportunities for instant loan without proof of income

Not ordinary and normal, but it is under certain conditions possible to obtain a loan without proof of income. While having a personal or consumer credit is no problem for people on a fixed income, it is much more difficult for those with no fixed income. Self-employed, freelancers, students and mini-jobbers belong to this group of people.

    • Other collateral

Who would like to receive such a loan from the last mentioned, with which then usually alternative conditions / securities would have to be present. Such collateral could include savings or assets that serve as collateral in this regard.

    • Insurance

Any life insurance or other endowment insurance could also be beneficial in getting a loan without proof of income.

If you apply for an instant loan without proof of income and without collateral, then the matter becomes even more delicate and the processing of such a loan more difficult.

Opportunities for instant loan without proof of income

Especially if you have been a saver or owner of a checking account at a bank for quite some time, then it is quite possible to get such a loan. As a rule, this is the house bank, where the applicant is likely to be known for some time.

Was in the past, the account of the saver almost without exception in the plus, then such a loan should probably not be a problem. If you are then perhaps also in possession of stocks, funds or other assets this thing is not a problem.

However, you have to be careful about the amount of the loan. As a rule, almost only small loans are approved in such a case. Above all, this has to do with keeping the bank’s risks in check.

Examples instant loan without proof of income

Examples instant loan without proof of income

1. Instant loan with guarantor

If it is not possible to provide the bank with proof of income or to provide other collateral, then the option of requesting an instant loan by means of a guarantor remains. In this case, the chances of loan approval are not bad.

However, the guarantor must be liquid or creditworthy. In addition, this should have no entry to the Private credit and possibly produce a proof of income.

If these conditions exist, then such a loan is generally also approved.

Attention: In most cases higher interest rates are calculated in such cases, so that in the end a much higher repayment takes place than with a normal consumer loan.

2. Instant loan through collateral

If you have assets or assets as the applicant for a loan, then such a loan is also not a difficult thing. In this case, the applicant withdraws the necessary collateral to the bank. This means that in the event that the borrower can no longer settle his installment payments, the bank can access the assigned collateral.

Online instant loan without proof of income

    • Credit abroad

There are several ways to get such a loan on the internet. Foreign banks are often the ones offering their services here. In most cases, the conditions are much more flexible for banks abroad than in this country, thereby borrowing is more likely.

    • Other collateral

In such a so-called income-free loan, however, the applicant must be able to provide alternative collateral. Depending on the sum of the credit, this can be the vehicle registration document of a car or securities.
Another advantage of such providers from abroad: As a rule, there is no demand from Private credit, therefore no assessment of creditworthiness takes place in this regard.

Therefore, it is not impossible that people with a bad credit rating or a negative entry receive a loan or an instant loan.

Alternative instant loan from private persons

In this case there is also the alternative to receive an instant loan from private individuals. There are numerous platforms on the Internet that offer loans from private lenders. In this case, it is possible to negotiate directly with the lender.

You can explain your situation and make arrangements directly with this person. Again, a query at the Private credit is often omitted.

Credit comparison is worthwhile

Credit comparison is worthwhile

Such a comparison is worthwhile for all types of credit, moreover, these comparisons are free and without obligation. Here, a loan calculator from the variety of different providers helps to find the best, which is tailored to the individual needs of the applicant.

This has the advantage that anyone can inquire in advance about such a loan, while also getting the perspective and in retrospect does not have to annoy overly high credit costs.

    • Easy comparison with credit calculator

In order for this calculator to provide acceptable comparisons, the interested party indicates the desired credit amount, term and possibly the purpose of the required loan. In normal loans, the indication of the intended purpose is usually superfluous, with an instant loan without proof of income, this information could be quite useful.

After entering this information, the calculator lists various eligible providers. Above all, the actual effective interest rate and the monthly repayments due are to be taken from this list.

Such comparisons can usually only be carried out by means of a credit calculator, since relevant information can not be obtained from other credit intermediaries or banks.

    • Additional advantages:

In addition, the applicant learns the total costs from the different suppliers and can compare them. Here it is important to pay particular attention to the effective interest!

However, interested parties also receive further important information, such as information about the respective credit provider, service information and a condition overview.

Applicants for loans using a loan calculator also have the advantage that information such as interest rates, terms and acceptance guidelines are readily available. How time-consuming would such an approach be if you researched on your own?

In addition, anyone interested in an instant loan can obtain loan offers from various financial institutions or private individuals with just one data entry.

Since these data do not have to be entered individually for each provider, this saves time and effort.
If you have opted for one or more providers, then a non-binding application or a request can be sent to them.

Mostly you get within 24 hours, whether the loan is approved or not.

    • No disadvantages due to credit comparison

Because of these loan inquiries, the prospect does not suffer any disadvantages, since these are carried out in a Private credit neutral manner.

This allows people who are interested in an instant loan without proof of income to obtain several non-binding offers and then decide which instant loan is the right one.

Watch out, trap!

There are numerous providers who offer an instant loan without proof of income. As tempting as the numerous different offers seem to be, you should take them all under the microscope.
Unfortunately, there are also so-called black sheep (loan sharks) among these so-called lenders.

They offer loans at excessive interest rates, often well over 10 percent. Also, with this type of loan, it is usually not possible to suspend installment payments, if only then at high financial cost.

Here it is not wrong to get information in this regard on the Internet or from consumer protection associations.

Again, if in doubt, hands off!


Although it is difficult to get an instant loan without proof of income, there are still opportunities to get such a loan.

Those who can provide collateral such as insurance or real assets, who receives such a loan usually easily.

Also, who in such a case has a creditworthy guarantor to the side, should also have no problems in this regard.

If such conditions do not exist, then there is still the opportunity to obtain a so-called instant loan without proof of income from a foreign bank or from a private person.