Defining An Eco-Terrorist

Terrorism does not always come in the generic form people have become accustomed to. This is an overlying term that is used for some acts.

In this day and age, eco-terrorism has become a problem as well.

For those who are unaware, it is best to take a look at what this term means and then see how it is impacting the world.

Here is more on eco-terrorism and what it means to be an eco-terrorist in this day and age.


The FBI has been working on defining this term and state it is anyone who uses an environmental issue as the reason for their terror act.

For example, let’s say a group that supports protecting rain forests is set up. Their main premise is to get people to join in on their campaign and ensure governments are listening. They will have two options (in their eyes), and that is to either protest or use violence.

The violence comes in the form of attacking people or buildings as a means to garner attention. This is eco-terrorism.

Most people understand political terrorism, but eco-terrorism is a reality as well because it is a symbolic action being taken to undermine authority and leverage opinion.

Birth Of Eco-Terrorism

So, where did this come from? It has been a raging reality for a long time with serious ecology-based movements running around. With global warming spreading, these protests have risen in numbers. More and more people are catching on and wish to see a change being implemented.

Now, this fervor has led to tangent groups being created who prefer nefarious means to get their point across.

This is where eco-terrorism has been born. The ideology of using violence to spread the word is something that has started to rise.

Anyone that joins these movements is now being defined as an “eco-terrorist” according to official authorities.¬†Since 1996, The FBI has been arresting eco-terrorist who have caused millions of dollars in damages to property all over the country. Anyone who has been arrested will most likely be looking for bail bonds NJ, in order to be released from prison.

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Below is a short documentary that explores the impact of Eco-terrorism not only on the environment but also from a social prospective.

Learn Three Ways We Can Make A Difference To The Environment

earth-1013746_640Do you want to learn three ways we can make a difference to the environment? If so, then keep reading, because three such ways are listed here for anyone who wants to be a better steward of the world we all live on.

First of all, start with how you handle the trash where you live, and if possible, where you work as well. The amount of materials that can currently be recycled is a longer list than every before, so take advantage of this every time you can. Even if your residential community does not have recycling at your door step, as some apartment complexes still do not, check with your local municipal government, as there are probably public dumpsters available just for recycling certain materials.

Secondly, do not throw away used or broken electronics away with everything else. This includes things like batteries and ink and toner cartridges. All these can leak mercury and other toxic chemicals into the soil of landfills which poisons the local soil and winds up in water supplies later on. Find stores or public sponsored sites that accept electronic waste, and drive over a car load once you have enough to justify the trip.

Third, grow your own food as much as possible. A growing awareness among the environmentally conscious crowd is the damage done to the world by those producing food for humans. Massive industrial farms use many pesticides and fertilizers, many of which run off into the local streams. The food that is produced then has to be transported to markets and again to the dinner table, often by fossil-fuel burning transportation methods. Growing your own food, indoors, outside, or both, means you have a relatively pollution free and organic source of nutrition in your own home.

None of these three methods is likely to save the whole world, but you can still save a little of it.

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